St. Andrew’s School is registered as a non-profit school with limited liability, incorporated in The Bahamas, and governed by its Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The School is governed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for policy setting, and for the appointment of a CEO/Principal.


The School is administered by a Principal, who reports directly to the Board of Directors at regular meetings. The Principal is supported in the overall administration of the School by the Heads of Primary and Secondary Schools, the Director of Finance, Director of Admissions, Marking and Development, Director of Operations and Director of IT.

Internal Organisation

The Primary School is divided into an Infant School (Pre-School to Grade 1) and a Junior School (Grade 2 - 5), each coordinated by a Dean. Two Curriculum Coordinators oversee development of the curriculum from Pre-School through Grade 5. Each year group has a Year Group Coordinator responsible for coordinating that grade level.

The Secondary School is subdivided into a Middle School (Grade 6 - 10) and Upper School (Grade 11 - 12). The Director of Teaching and Learning is responsible for Grades 6 - 10. The IB Diploma Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of Grade 11 and 12.

The Department Chairs, together with the Curriculum Coordinators, are responsible for recommending and implementing curriculum and organisational development.

The Guidance Counsellor and the School Counsellor are available for personal and academic counselling to all students in the Secondary School. The Guidance Counsellor also assists with college placement and scholarship applications, as well as administering the PSAT, SAT and ACT examinations.

There are five Learning Support teachers, who work with the students in each section of the School.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Front row:
Terrel Butler, Glen Ritchie, Robert Stitch, and Pia Farmer

Second row:
Jason McCarroll, Barbara Thompson, Ana Elisa Wassitsch and Bradley Smith

- Glen Ritchie Chairman
- Pia Farmer Secretary
- Brad Smith Chair of Finance
- Terrel Butler
- Jason McCarroll
- Ana Wassitsch
- Barbara Thompson