"Prevention Saves Lives"
The Health & Safety Committee is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy environment for all students, staff, and visitors of St. Andrew's School. We are committed to serving with integrity, cooperation, and concern for the welfare of our school community.

The Health & Safety Committee recognizes that the education of children is comprised of many factors, including a proper physical environment that is safe, clean, attractive, pleasant and functional. This has been the mandate and driving force of the Committee from its inception.

Established in 1997, the Committee continues to make valuable contributions to our School. This Committee positively contributes to the School community by working together to create a safer environment for all stakeholders. Health & Safety is comprised of the School Principal, parent and teacher volunteers, the Campus Manager, the School Nurse, and a representative from the School Board of Directors.

The duties of the Health & Safety Committee are carried out in two main ways: regular campus inspections, and informing and educating the community about major health concerns.

As the campus is very large, the Committee has divided it into several areas, with two or more members assigned to each specified area. Health & Safety also offers solutions to any issues or concerns that are discovered on inspections of the campus and its buildings or are brought to their attention by parents and teachers.

Posters, flyers, and educational pictures/diagrams are put up around the campus to inform the community of various health concerns and focuses on awareness and preventative measures. The HeadsUp newsletter is also consistently updated with any pertinent health information, including a “Health Tip for the Week.”

Mrs. Karen Wrinkle served as Chairperson of the Health & Safety Committee from 1997 to 2008. Mrs. Kaynell Ritchie and Mrs. Roselyn Horton served as Co-Chairpersons from 2008 through June 2011. The committee is currently charged by Ms. Maggie Ramsingh.

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