The PTA is proud to be a part of the great community that we have here at St Andrew's School!

The mission of the PTA is three-fold:

  1. To provide service and support to the School community
  2. To facilitate communication and exchange information between the parents, teachers and administration of the School; and
  3. To coordinate activities and functions which promote social interaction and goodwill among all members of the school community and the community at large.

Recent projects include:

Benches for the cafeteria area and donated funds to the Basketball courts upgrade.

We want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Robinson who donated in memory of their daughter Meah, Mr. Jason McCarroll, Mrs. Sean McCarroll, Mr. Nicholas Mosko, Mr. Paul Winder, and the PTA.

Our students are enjoying these beautiful new courts……go Hurricanes!

  • Ipads for our ELC.
  • Arawak shelter.
  • General painting of IT and Library (exterior).
  • Renovation of interior Math and English blocks in the secondary school. 
  • 12 Stools for the primary Art room. 

The PTA maintains a busy calendar with community building and fundraising events, as well as educational sessions for parents and faculty. In working to build the school community, the PTA hosts Donuts for Dads, produces colour newsletters to keep parents informed of activities and events, provides refreshments at sports events and performing arts productions, and provides teachers with an annual Teachers' Welcome Breakfast, a Christmas lunch, breakfast on The Run Day, and lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Throughout the year, the PTA also holds informative coffee mornings or evening education sessions, which everyone is invited to attend.

The PTA's fundraising events include the annual Halloween Bake & Book Sale; Valentine's Day Bake Sale, and School Photos. We will be holding another Summer BBQ and Raffle this year!

The PTA thanks the entire St Andrew's family for their support, and is looking forward to an exciting school year where we all work together to make our School a better place for our children.

If you are interested in helping the St Andrew's PTA, please let us know.

Why should you join?

1. Help to build our school
PTA fundraisers have helped to enrich our school in many ways over the years, helping to provide:

  • Classroom air-conditioning
  • Basketball court
  • Auditorium sound and lighting equipment

2. Make your voice heard
The PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas. Through the PTA you can be a more effective advocate for your child and all our children, as we work to make St Andrew's the best it can be.

3. Be a role model
Your involvement in the PTA will show your child how much you value education. You will also teach your child about giving back to the community.

4. Build our community
The PTA is a great way to meet others and build relationships. Whether by volunteering at school events, participating in guest seminars, or simply attending meetings, being active in your PTA helps to build a stronger school community.
And the most important reason of all…

5. Your child benefits
More than 30 years of research show that the most accurate predictor of student achievement is the extent to which the family is involved in the child's education. Simply put, children do better in school when parents are involved!