The St Andrew's School Wellness Centre operates between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:30 pm each day when students and/or faculty are on the premises. It is staffed by a Registered Nurse, who works to promote good physical, mental, and emotional health, and prevent incidences of severe illness or deteriorated health among our school community during school hours. The School Nurse assesses and addresses complaints of illness presented, and treats those of a minor nature. When necessary, the Nurse can also refer to a hospital, clinic, doctor or parent.


  • To provide relief of pain and discomfort relative to minor ailments, which may negatively affect functioning at school.
  • To communicate with parents necessary information regarding their child's illness and collaborate on the way forward.
  • To communicate early departure of ill students to faculty.
  • To promote basic health screening, which might enhance overall health, safety, and learning (such as annual vision and hearing tests.)
  • To contribute to health and safety in the school environment through involvement with the Health and Safety Committee, and promotion of CPR, First Aid, and AED proficiency among a cross-section of staff and faculty.
  • To sensitize the school community to current health issues and safe practices.

Wellness Centre Policies

  • All health/medical information is kept confidential but can be accessed by the Principal, Deans and Guidance Counsellors of St Andrew's School.
  • All allergies and pre-existing illnesses and potential for illness must be presented in writing or via the health form provided by the school.
  • All students falling ill at school should inform their teacher and see the nurse prior to contacting parents.
  • Parents may feel free to contact the nurse by phone or email to discuss/ report students' illnesses or absences.
  • The School's Principal receives a monthly report from the Wellness Centre, and in the case of serious illness or injury, a relevant report is immediate.
  • Parents will sometimes be asked to pick up their child prior to the end of the school day for reason of illness. They may also do so by choice, but must inform the nurse.
Nurse Janet Bridgewater
Nurse Janet Bridgewater
Registered Nurse
1 (242) 677 7800