Please be respectful to all persons and items in the library.


  1. Keep it Quiet
    Please use low tones and refrain from non-essential talk anywhere in the main library. Please use the peer study, viewing or PYP rooms for group study and projects. Do not use cell phones, music players or electronic game players in the library. No dominoes or card games, etc.
  2. No Food or Drink
    This includes bottled water, gum and candy.
  3. Library Books & Materials
    You are responsible for the books and materials checked out in your name, so please treat them with care. Return or renew on time to avoid fines. Any items lost or damaged must be replaced. Please return books used in the library to book trollies or the circulation desk. If you read reference books, magazines, or other materials, please return them to the shelves in the proper order.
  4. Acceptable Use Policy
    The use of the computers in the library should be for education and research only, in accordance with the educational goals and objectives of the School. All students who use the library computers or their personal laptops must have signed the School's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and follow the rules listed there. Students are expected to access only their own accounts on the School network using the username and password assigned to them. If you forget your password or suspect that someone has access to it, please ask a librarian to change it for you. Use of personal laptops is allowed for school work only and must be approved by the IT staff prior to use. Please be responsible and print only what you need. Also, be prepared to pay for what you print or copy. Inappropriate use of the internet will result in that privilege being withdrawn. School staff will rule upon inappropriate use and may deny, revoke or suspend usage. (See the librarian for the full text of the AUP.)
  5. Keep the Library Clean
    Please leave book bags, backpacks and lunch tins outside or in designated areas. If you have permission to move furniture, please return them to their proper areas. Please clear your own trash, push in your chair, and take all of your belongings with you when you leave.
  6. Entering and Exiting the Library
    The library entrance and official exit are the two main doors facing the hall. All other external doors are for emergency use only. Students should not use those exits at any other time. Students attempting to gain entrance to the library, or who let another student into the library via an exit door, will be excluded from the library for a period of time.
  7. Inappropriate Behaviour
    Theft, vandalism, extreme or inappropriate behaviour and use of profanity will not be tolerated and any offending students will be referred to administration for further action.
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor Librarian