At the heart of the work of every school and every class lies a cycle of planning, teaching and assessing. These general arrangements take account of the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests that students bring to school. Most students will learn and progress within these arrangements. Those who have difficulty in doing so may have Special Educational Needs (SEN) and may require additional support for part of their schooling from our Learning Support Services.

The Learning Support programme aims to provide a systematic cycle of identification, assessment and support to ensure that students receive the help they need to achieve their full potential. A Learning Support teacher works closely with subject teachers and administrators to provide the following:

  • Identification of special needs students and their particular areas of need
  • Classroom strategies and individual education plans to meet specific needs
  • Continuous assessment and review of student progress
  • Close communication between teachers, parents and community support services

St Andrew's has a fully integrated approach to its students requiring learning support. Private tutoring can also be arranged to support students with a weakness in a specific subject or organizational skills.

Primary School Learning Support Assessment: The inclusion model is used so that Learning Support staff works alongside class teachers to support students with identified educational needs. Students needing extra practice in some basic skills may spend time with the Learning Support teacher outside the classroom on a temporary basis to enable them to meet particular goals. This practice is regularly reviewed and an IEP will be written to inform parents of their child's program. External referrals are made when necessary.

Secondary School Learning Support Assessment: At the Secondary School level, diagnostic assessments for students with educational needs are carried out by licensed psychologists. These assessments are carried out at the expense of the parents and we encourage them to forward a copy of the report to the School. The administration of the School, in addition to the special services team, reviews the recommendations in the assessment and implements an IEP covering the recommendations which are available within the resources of the school. An IEP is then created only for students who are withdrawn from regular classes for additional Learning Support. Students who receive additional Learning Support in class are assessed according.

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