Founded in 1948
Currently has a
35-acre campus

Enrolment: 700
Ages: 2.5 - 19
65% Bahamian
35% International
Faculty to Student Ratio: 1:10

Our student body
represents more than
37 different nationalities!
Languages spoken in our
community include:
Spanish, French, Mandarin
Italian, German and Portuguese.

For your convenience, we offer a number of different ways to make your payments. These include: Cash, Personal Cheque, Bank Draft, or Bank Wire.

Cash payments are to be made to the Bank and will require a deposit slip from the School's Business Office as the School does not accept cash on its premises. Once the deposit is made we ask that you fax or e-mail a copy of the deposit receipt to the Business Office.

Personal Cheque or Bank Draft
Should be made payable to St Andrew's School. All fees should be sent in Bahamian dollars. If you send payment in United States dollars or any other currency we will credit your account in the amount that the Bank credits our account after the relevant exchange fees are paid. This amount will be less than the actual amount of your cheque. Any shortfall will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Bank Wire
Wire transfers in Bahamian dollars may be made to the following bank:

Royal Bank of Canada
Nassau Branch
323 Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas (Bank #: 05625 003 Account #: 245-261-3)

United States dollar wire transfers may be done by giving the following instructions to the bank/institution sending the funds:

Destination: CHASUS33
(IBK) JP Morgan Chase Bank
  New York
Pay to Bank: /001 1 188448
  Royal Bank of Canada
  Nassau, Bahamas
Beneficiary: /056252452613
  St Andrew's School
  Attn: Lois Hollis

In favour of: St Andrew's School, Account # 245-261-3, RBC Main Branch


To ensure that the funds are credited to your account, please ask your Bank to state the full name of the student on the funds transfer invoice, and advise our Business Office by fax or e-mail so we can track the transfer.

Please note:

  • We are sorry but we do not accept credit card payments at this time.
  • Please do not deposit a sum of cash or cheque directly into our accounts. While these deposits appear on our statement, there is no reference to which student should be credited.
Evanne Archer-Bowe
Evanne Archer-Bowe Director of Finance
1 (242) 677-7808
Mary Turner
Mary Turner Accounts Clerk
1 (242) 677-7811
Adrian Pinder
Adrian Pinder Accounts Officer