Thank you! Just by visiting these pages you are displaying your interest in, and commitment to, supporting St Andrew's School. It's the participation and financial support of you: our students, alumni, parents, family, and friends of St Andrew's, that allows our school to remain a leader in education in the Bahamas.

The St Andrew's School Foundation is the school's not-for-profit organization which was founded in 2002 to ensure that the school continues in perpetuity and to assist with achieving the school's mission. The Foundation, as a part of the Fundraising Committee, fundraises in aid of the school's current goals as outlined in the School Strategic Plan.

At this time, the Foundation has many different ongoing efforts to which you can contribute and make a difference to St Andrew's School.

  • Scholarships: funds donated to our Scholarship Programme provide a deserving student with a world-class education. These gifts can be made annually, or as a lump sum for a determined number of years.
  • Endowments: we currently have three endowments - the Scholarship Endowment Fund, Hardship Endowment Fund, and Professional Development Endowment Fund. Our endowments help us to provide for these needs on an ongoing basis, with your gift helping these projects to continue in perpetuity.
  • Capital Development: these donations are used to assist with upkeep of our 35-acre campus, as well as the building of any new facilities, such as our upcoming Cafeteria and Auditorium project.
  • Annual Giving: The Annual Fund uses unrestricted donations towards the School's Greatest Needs each year as are determined by the School's Administration and the Allocation Committee.


Bahamian dollar cheques should be made payable to "St Andrew's School Foundation", and U.S. dollar cheques should be made payable to "Friends of the St Andrew's School Foundation", both being sent to the following address:

P.O. Box N-4695, Nassau, N.P.,The Bahamas

For more information, please visit the website of the St Andrew's School Foundation.