Aims and Philosophy
Our current House System developed in the early days of St Andrew's School when students were divided into groups for organizational convenience. The four Houses (Lucayan, Arawak, Carib and Taino) were named after native Caribbean tribes and the House structure plays an important role in school life. The system broadly encourages participation in a wide range of activities and provides an excellent vehicle for integrating pastoral care and staff-student interaction. There is always a strong spirit shown through house activities and this has proven over the years to encourage an involved and active student body at all levels. The competitions and general ethos are constantly monitored and adjusted.

All students and staff are placed in Houses in a way which keeps the totals in each group balanced. Once placed in a House, students remain in that House for the duration of their time at St Andrew's. New students who have a clear family connection with a particular House are normally placed in it.

Each House has a Housemaster/mistress who organizes and supports the House competitions.

House Captains
In the Primary School, Year 6 students are eligible for election as House Captains. The selected students should reflect the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile. They should also possess leadership qualities; be active participants of their house, be responsible and punctual, and be respected by their peers.

House Ethos
Every student is expected to display house pride.  We have three all school competitions; Swim Gala, run Day and Track and Field Meet.
Students are also challenged in other sporting and academic competitions throughout the year.
Each House has a House Day where students can raise funds to assist their service project for the year.  This is where students give their assistance and help to communities who are less fortunate then themselves.

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